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About Us

Company FAQs

Who are we:

We're an odd couple with one thing in common - a passion for photography.

Aaron is a racer with a background in food and exercise sciences and a history of coaching and playing chess.

Giana is a cycling enthusiast with a background in design and a history of hair styling and takin' names.

What the heck is this:

Photography - Old School Style!

100% handcrafted photos. We use 35mm black and white film, develop the film, and make prints all by ourselves and by hand - no computers involved.

Yeah, but that sounds like a lot of work:

Would you rather have a frozen dinner of mystery meat and canned veggies or Grandma's made-from-scratch meals? We like quality and we think it's worth the time and effort to get it.

So why cyclocross:

Who doesn't like cyclocross?! If the awesomeness of the sport isn't enough of a reason, we're already attending the races and we're expanding our portfolio to include sports, by which we mean cycling sports (check out some of our other photos: here).

Where can I find you:

We'll be attending these races (we'll be the ones with the cameras). You may also send any questions to us at: info@omphotos.jessicagreenberg.com

What if I want a print or two:

Click here for our pricing guide - it's cheaper if you buy more AND we can work with you if you have a special project in mind.

What if I just want a digital image to put on facebook or my blog:

Please send us a note at: info@omphotos.jessicagreenberg.com. We generally won't mind if you link to our website or copy an image onto your website as long as you note that we took the picture. Let's all respect digital copyrights!